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Referral Program

We love our customers and we love referrals!

We love our customers and we love referrals. Referrals bring us qualified leads from our favorite customers, so our Referral Program is not only party of our Marketing Strategy but it’s also a key component of our new Sales.

If you know of a great potential customer, simply connect that decision maker directly to our founder, Vicki. We want to have an invisible sales force working for us, so we incentivize others to recommend our services.

We provide those who refer us two-tiers of perks:


If the sale is up to $2,500 in product or print services ordered, the referrer gets a $25 Starbucks Gift Card + a hand-written thank you card from us.


If the sale is over $2,500 in product or print services, the referrer gets a $75 Visa Gift Card.

How to become a referral partner with us:


Keep your ears open to people who may be looking for promotional products or printing services. Let them know about Vicki and feel free to send them to our website.


Send a professional email introduction between the person you are referring and Vicki.


If your referral (or anyone else’s referral) becomes a customer of WISE OWL, he/she will be rewarded with the perk at the level of the total sale.


Referral perk will be paid out once the new customer has successfully completed payment. In addition, each time they place an order you will receive either the Tier one or Tier two reward once the order is completed.